Please check back often! Or visit any of the links on the left hand side of the web page. Thanks! On this page you will find activities that were done during the 2017-2018 school year.

Table of Contents


TOP 10

One of the first activities that we do in the 6th Grade General Music classroom is a "Top 10" List. . However, to make it more thought provoking, I ask the students to list their top 10 songs of all time - since the day they were born. I then don't return the paper to them until I see them in 8th Grade General Music classes. Here is the 6th grade version and here is the 8th grade version.


The students in the Music 8 classroom fill out a Google document which asks them for 6 different songs describing: 1) What was the first song you ever bought? 2) What song takes you back to your elementary school days? 3) What song always gets you moving? 4) What is your perfect slow song? 5) What song would you want at your funeral? and 6) What songs makes you, YOU? I then ask them to complete the assignment by sharing a YouTube video of their song that "makes you, YOU" and they have to describe it in musical terms, (e.g., melody, rhythm, harmony, instruments, etc.), before I play a portion of the video for the class.