If you are interested in purchasing the stories that all the students - 40 of them - did as part of their Gifted requirement, you will find the
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"Monoculture Apocalypse"
by Spencer B.
Every PC in the institution, in the city, in the state, in the country, in the region, in the continent, in the hemisphere, in the world, booting up to the same prompt, the same pixels, the same colors and gradients, the same text. When someone wanted to compose a letter, they clicked on the same word processor; when someone wanted to browse the web, they brought up the same browser using the same layout engine and plug-ins; when someone wanted to check their email, they opened the same email client using the same technology to contact the same service. Everyone in the connected world used the same brand computer with the same processor with the same hard drive with the same video and audio cards all running on top of the same framework, down to the same line of code used to illuminate the LED that showed the status of the hard drive. Every computer relied on the same operating system running bundled software identical on each machine, with the same EULA stating explicitly that independent programmers had to abide by a strict set of rules that barred them from creating their own applications, just add-ons that somewhat enhanced the functionality of the included software, and that the add-ons could only be made available on a certain, OEM-hosted service. Every computer had the same handful of vulnerabilities that could only be patched via a poorly-maintained and unsecured update server. Eventually, one Black-Hat hacker gained access to the update server with a simple backdoor sent to a sysadmin disguised as a greeting card, gained access to every Internet-connected PC, destroyed the accounts of the admins, wrote a batch file that would tell any infected system to execute the command " del *.* ", distributed it to every Internet-connected PC, and cleaned every hard drive on the face of the Earth, leaving the developed world crippled, with mere calculators and wrist watches the only electronics that survived the zero day attack.

by Kelly C.
Although the extreme heat swirled and eddied around us, I couldn't feel it because my mind was in other places. My mind struggled, trying to lock away the thought that was threatening to break lose and make me cry - gone. Gone - the word sounded empty and alone - and that is what was happening to my best friend, the friend who was always there for me, who could make me laugh on the hardest days, my best friend, my only friend, was soon to be gone. Jen and I were spending our last precious moments before she moved to Africa - a place to far away and the plane tickets to expensive for a visit - on my porch steps in southern California. Her mom's red Volvo pulled up to the curb in front of my house and we embraced, clinging to each other like we would never let go, and I wished we never had to, but I knew we did, and this small memory may have to last us a lifetime - we may never see each other again, in the far away place of Africa, all we had were memories.

"The Assembly"
by Matt F.
Matthias looked at the assembly of young soldiers standing in the plaza, he had never seen female soldiers before, because where he was from only men could serve their country in such a way, and here, it was just the opposite, and he was nervous, he gathered his strength and spoke to the masses, "Listen, you tell me they are coming, these harriers, whoever they may be; you seek our aid, and we may comply. You have seen my shooting... beating even your leader, and I can tell you don't trust me; my skills alone may not be enough for you. My group has discussed outside the city, away from prying ears," he grinned then resumed speaking, "we have decided we would help you, but do you want our help? I ask you know; do you seek aid from us? I will continue speaking to allow you to decide on your course of action, I assume you can think through my words," he sighed took a breath then continued again, "now is the time for action. You may scoff at the idea of a man leading you, yet I wait for your decision, but for now I bid you farewell."

Back-fired Knowledge
by Asher H.
After theories of time travel were a success, people, due to a religious argument decide to go back in time and see if dinosaurs ever existed. When the date was decided, a crowd gathered around the base to see the unveiling of the time machine. The shape was clearly defined and everyone was in awe, and as they uncovered it, a metal frame in the shape of time machine was there. The person had decided to go back in time before the commotion of safety precautions. When he arrived 65 million years ago, a tyrannosaurus crunched his time machine in med-air and grew a taste for metal. The dinosaurs then chewed through mountains and were protected from the meteor that wiped them out and they ruled the world for the rest of time, so humanity wiped itself out for knowledge.

A Sleepless Night
by Kiriana J.
The ticks projected from the ancient clock hanging parallel from me echoed in my mind, each second seeming further from the last. I lay in my cozy bed waiting for morning to come around so I can open the gifts that await beneath the tree we cut down from the farm around the corner, still carrying the fresh pine smell I adored. My thoughts turned back to the clock, reading 12:44, I prayed I could drift off to sleep but I knew the chance of that was about as great as my father coming home for the holidays. Ever since he left one long year ago, it has been me and my mother on our own in the harsh world forced to fend for ourselves. Since his absence, not only have I been obligated to mature quickly and take on many important roles and responsibilities in the household, I have been left with a gaping hole in my heart that wouldn't let his actions affect me though, at least not on a day like today; I blocked out the painful memories and promised myself that this would be the best Christmas ever, even without my father's presence.

"The Hunt"
by Mallika K.
Sensing each others' strategies to attack the grazing, lone buffalo under the moonlight, the small pack of wolves surrounded it from each side - front, back, left, and right. The alpha, a big earthy, russet-brown wolf with powerful golden-yellow eyes took the front while his mate, a beautiful white wolf with red stripes marking her thin face and tail took behind the big buffalo and on the right, a smaller jet-black wolf with piercing dark green eyes watched her little sister opposing her, a fast, light gray wolf with a strong set of muscles. The three prowling females waited for the alpha to give the order to attack, when he suddenly growled and pounced onto the buffalo and started to bite his neck while the other three went for its legs; the buffalo was weakened easily and fell silently to the ground. The alpha ripped at the buffalo's flesh first, then his mate, and lastly the sisters; they growled at each other, trying to protect their share of food, and snarled at the scavengers high up in the trees that were begging for a piece of the tasty meat. Each wolf felt freedom and independence washing over them, felling bloodthirsty and the sense of a predator. Leaving only a little meat on the bones for the scavenging birds, because it was the law of the wolves to keep the circle of life going, the pack walked away, with the small birds fighting each other behind them for the biggest pieces of meat, not even showing a sign of thanks towards the wolves.

"Twisting Halls"
by Meredith R.
She ran through the twisting halls, tears streaming down her face, hitting the tiled marble floor like atomic bombs. The silence weighing her down, inflicting pain, a longing for somebody to hear her pleas, but she was the only one, her screams were met by a deafening silence. She grew more afraid with each step, with each changing pathway, with each door opened, opened to nothing. Hundreds of doors, masterfully crafted, so beautiful, just like the whole labyrinth, lovely, enchanting, so inviting, but so deceiving. She collapsed, hopeless, tired, alone, the floor started to crack; she rose, frightened, and looked around; the tiles disappeared around her; she tried to get away, but to no avail; she fell into the blackness below, shrieking the whole way down, her world crumbling around her, the memories she so cherished, her family, her friends, all had perished and there was no meaning to her life anymore, she just didn't car. The horror embellished with tumors of black and searing fevers had stolen the meaning from her life and had finally per her six feet under.

"You Know"
by Doug W.
The night was an empty abyss, swallowing everything that dared to challenge it, but you can tell, they are coming. The neon green lights blinded your eyes for an instant as you look out the window to see earth quaking flashes, but you knew this would happen. Here they come, the front door melting before them, you frantically rush for a weapon, and after a hopeless search, take refuge in the vast space of your closet. As the time draws nearer, you hear blood burning scrams, knowing that your family had no hope. You knew this was coming, why didn't you warn them, it was you and your only now; no help from anyone. The floorboards creaked with sounds like fireworks, and you huddle in the corner thinking your last thoughts, only as they open your closet door.