So if you are stuck for ideas, here are some prompts:
  • What was your favorite childhood pet?
  • Where was your most memorable vacation?
  • What topic most inspired you in grade school?
  • Where is a place in the world you'd like to visit?
  • What is the most adventurous thing you have done?
  • Or just describe a collection of things such as
    • Five attributes of a great writer
    • The top technology gadgets of the future
    • Favorite cars, vegetables, flowers, tools
    • Collection of things that usually don't belong together
Think of something that is going to have media, especially images that can describe your elements, especially if they have metaphors.

So, let's say I try the question on "Where is a place in the world you'd like to visit?". This is how I might sketch out my story as an outline.
  • I've never been to Africa, but wish to go on a safari
  • One day I will fly to say, Kenya, and say head out to the bush country, with a set of trusty guides
  • I will see elephants up close
  • We will have a close call with a lion
  • The nights will bring campfires, stories, and camaraderie
  • As I return home, I begin to wonder about the own wilderness in my own land, and if I appreciate it as much as a strange land.
Notice how each thought is very descriptive, has lots of emotions involved, and could easily be expanded with adjectives, adverbs and descriptors.

Or Start with a Visual
Some people are more creative in a visual mode, so another way is to find an image that moves, inspires, disturbs, or affects you, and build a story around the image.
  • Sunrise- a time to re-energize, start over...
  • Road - a theme of travel, movement, going somewhere
  • Despair - devastation, loss of hope, sadness
  • Grandmother- someone special in your life
Not only will this jog perhaps an idea for you, now you have at least one peace of media you can use!

Stretch Your Imagination Muscles
Are you spinning your wheels? How about some activities you can try to stimulate your creative juices.